Tibor Reich at the Whitworth

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For the regular visitors to my blog, you may remember a post from last year called . The Whitworth in Manchester, UK is hosting a great exhibition on Tibor’s work right now, and it is on until August 2016. For those of you who won’t get to see it for yourselves, here is a sneak preview. Beginning with some of Tibor’s photography from the 1950’s and 60’s. Texture and pattern played such a big role in his world.

Fishinkblog 9882 Tibor Reich 2

His family and home life looked idyllic.

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He even created his own ceramic fireplace (dubbed the ‘Flaming Onion’) in the heart of his self-designed home. His drawings were the key to developing his work. Tibor drew on anything that was to hand from chocolate box covers to the cardboard inserts from stamps. For him, each surface presented an opportunity for mark making.

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You can see how his sketches made perfect ceramics. (Apologies…

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